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Hmm, that last post kind of just.... posted itself.... I was gonna add more stuff above the cut.... some non-gross stuff.


Our neighbors now have a potbellied pig that thinks it's a dashund. It runs around with the dashunds and squeals when they bark at stuff.
Mac is obsessed with the thing and barks at it whenever it's outside.
The pig isn't really impressed with him...

Tyler's birthday is coming up on Feb 17th and we've decided that we're probably just going to have a quiet little party at home. Still haven't decided on a date yet, but it'll probably be the weekend before or after his actual birthday since that falls on a Thursday.

Damn, Xmas and birthdays are going to be challenging around here, Jake's birthday is January 20th, then there's Xmas, then Tyler's birthday on Feb 17th.....

Alyssa brought us a whole suitcase full of baby clothes for Jake and some clothes for Tyler. They're all so cute.
She and Brandon still want Tyler to be in their wedding, so we're going to have to figure out the whole carseat on an airplane thing and how to get him to pop his ears.... I dunno if he'd understand trying to yawn or something like that and he's never chewed gum before....
They were also talking about having me stand up at the front while he goes down the aisle and having him walk straight to me.
So I need to drop my post-baby pooch by June.
Actually, I think they'd have an easier time if Grammy (my mom) stood up there. He loves his Grammy. (Cuz she spoils his ass rotten.)

On a totally unrelated note, I got my Ninja Turtle backpack. Mike got me Raphael for Xmas.


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