New Ninja Turtles cartoon premieres on Nick Saturday morning!!!
New season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres on Cartoon Network Saturday morning too!!!


Thank God for DVR.

Yes I'm a geek.
Shut up.
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Clone Wars books and MLP

YAY!!! I love me some
I have a $50 gift card that my brother and his wife gave me for Xmas.
I ended up using like.... $30 some-odd of it on 3 Star Wars Clone Wars Era books.

I HATE the fact that most of the female authors of books I looked at feel they simply MUST add a Mary-Sueish female character that's "been with" Obi-wan.
Kenobi just doesn't strike me as a 'one night stand' kind of person...
Plus the added character always seems to:
1. Have no weaknesses whatsoever
2. Tragic past
3. Tragic present
4. Have their 'unique' abilities/hair color/eye color/species/etc. mentioned so often that it becomes unbearable.

I ended up with:
"Shatterpoint" by Matthew Stover (highly recommend this guy as an author.)
"Yoda: Dark Rendevous" by Sean Stewart
"Labrinth of Evil" by James Luceno

I watched the My Little Pony Royal Wedding from DVR. Apparently Twilight has a brother who's marrying a princess.... good songs, a little shaky during bits of the story line though...
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At least he's listening...
Maybe, with a good director and input from Kevin and Pete, MAYBE this won't be as bad as we think.
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WFT??? get yer hands off my turtles you damn dirty ape!!!

I absolutely LOATHE Michael Bay.
He turned Transformers into softcore porn and now this...

Aliens????? Really?
Knowing him they'll probably be all over April...
Thank GOD he's not directing. I know exactly how it would go if he was:
April would be wearing practically nothing... boob shots and panty shots by the barrel... many explosions... the occasional drug reference... racist comments... and he'd probably throw in a few shots of something humping something else....
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Ooooo a post from me, Wow.

Haven't posted here in FOREVER.
I watched a documentary on Kevin Clash called "Being Elmo." Of course it's all about the random streaks of luck in his life that lead him into becoming the puppeteer behind one of the most beloved Seasame Street characters of the newer generation... Elmo.
I've also been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, it's brilliantly done. I love how the villians are so aptly named...
Moralo Eval, Cad Bane... it's great.

I really need to lose some weight. My daycare providers, Lauri and Megan, are trying to get me to come out to The Warehouse Dance Studio and do Zumba classes with them. I really would like to, but my work schedule is so funky that I'm rarely home in time to catch one.
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THE PANTS COMMAND ME!!!! Do not ignore my veins....

Hmm, that last post kind of just.... posted itself.... I was gonna add more stuff above the cut.... some non-gross stuff.


Our neighbors now have a potbellied pig that thinks it's a dashund. It runs around with the dashunds and squeals when they bark at stuff.
Mac is obsessed with the thing and barks at it whenever it's outside.
The pig isn't really impressed with him...

Tyler's birthday is coming up on Feb 17th and we've decided that we're probably just going to have a quiet little party at home. Still haven't decided on a date yet, but it'll probably be the weekend before or after his actual birthday since that falls on a Thursday.

Damn, Xmas and birthdays are going to be challenging around here, Jake's birthday is January 20th, then there's Xmas, then Tyler's birthday on Feb 17th.....

Alyssa brought us a whole suitcase full of baby clothes for Jake and some clothes for Tyler. They're all so cute.
She and Brandon still want Tyler to be in their wedding, so we're going to have to figure out the whole carseat on an airplane thing and how to get him to pop his ears.... I dunno if he'd understand trying to yawn or something like that and he's never chewed gum before....
They were also talking about having me stand up at the front while he goes down the aisle and having him walk straight to me.
So I need to drop my post-baby pooch by June.
Actually, I think they'd have an easier time if Grammy (my mom) stood up there. He loves his Grammy. (Cuz she spoils his ass rotten.)

On a totally unrelated note, I got my Ninja Turtle backpack. Mike got me Raphael for Xmas.
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Nook nook... Who's There?

I gots me a Nook. Barnes and Nobles's answer to the Amazon Kindle..... (Thanks Brent, I know you adore yours)

Unfortunately it's been a while since I've used their website and, in order to reset my password, they want the last 4 digits of the last credit card I used with them.......
Ummmm, I have no FRICKIN' CLUE!!!!
I haven't bought anything from their website in years.

Add too, that the Nook's screen doesn't light up, nessecitating the additional purchase of a booklight..... Or maybe it came with it, I dunno, I just think that it's a weird-ass decision on the part of the manufacturer....

I guess I'll just have to create a new account with B&N using my secondary screenname.

I dunno, maybe once I get it up and running where it's not giving me shit about errors and needing to call Customer Support.......
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Hmm, this Life with Baby stuff that Wal-Mart does for it's employees ain't too shabby.

A few months ago they sent me a box full of stuff:
"What to Expect When You're Expecting" a copy of which I already own because of Tyler
a pamphlet entitled "Am I at risk for gestational diabetes?"
a 'folic acid shopping list"
a paper on Food-borne Risks in Pregnancy
a paper on Breastfeeding Tips
and a Personal Pregnancy Planner

Today I got another box with more goodies:
"What to Expect The First Year"
a pamphlet on SIDS and a door hanger that reminds you to put babies on their backs to sleep
a guide to RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
a sheet on signs of preterm labor
a Pre-Planning Checklist
a powdered formula depenser
a spill-proof sippy cup
and a baby blanket

I'm really conflicted, jumping between looking forwad to having this baby and absolutely dreading it......